Show your Fashion Sense with Custom Woven Tuque

Warm and high-quality custom woven tuque allow you to express your creativity and retain your unique style during the cold seasons. But, getting the right headgear that complements your personality, fashion sense and still keep you warm is hard. Here is how to invest in unique custom beanies that match your fashion taste.

Unique material

To personalize your beanies, consider having them made from different materials. Common materials that are used to make custom beanies include; acrylic yarns, merino wool, and cashmere. These materials are comfortable to wear and keep you warm during winter months.

Personalized style

A design tool allows you to formulate different custom made beanie designs. You can personalize your beanies to include rubber patches, brim tags, suede and leather patches. The patches can contain different messages that represent you what you stand for.


You can use unique color combinations to reveal your personality. Choose your best colors no matter how strange they look and have a beanie knitted to your selected design. Color patterns are exclusive to individuals and noticeable each time you wear them.


Remaining trendy and stylish during winter months can be overwhelming, and you may have to invest in apparel each year. To avoid this, invest in custom woven tuque that boosts your overall style and appearance.


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