Here is How You Can Design a Beanie Hat and Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep!

Have you ever wanted to Design a Beanie hat? If your answer is yes, now you can. There is a company that allows you to submit any design you like and they will print or embroider it on a beanie hat.They are known as Custom Made Beanies and are the top providers of unique beanies across the world. The company has exceptional beanie knitting capabilities. In addition to that, they offer you the lowest prices in the market. Moreover, their minimum order number is the lowest in the industry at only 100 pieces. Here is more about the company.

Wide variety of designs to pick from

One of the main strengths of this company is the sheer variety of beanies which you get to sample. They begin by offering you a few different beanie styles to pick from. These include:

  1. Beanies with a pom
  2. No pom beanies
  3. High-end beanies
  4. Fully customized beanies

From these structure styles, you can pick the one that you want for your custom made Custom Design Hat.


In addition to that, they offer you a chance to pick from various types of fabrics, knits and special features to add to the beanies which you have ordered. Examples of these are unique fabrics such as fleece, wool, cotton and acrylic. You can pick the fabric that you want according to your needs. Also, some examples of special features which you can pick for your beanies are ear flaps, linings and reversibility. These features add style and function to your Custom Design Hat.


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